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The Instagram Guide to 2019's Wedding Cake Trends

We know, we know, how is it March already? It's a good thing that you have our Instagram guide at your fingertips to help you find what's hot and what's not when it comes to all the prettiest wedding cake trends!

Donut Wall via Little Love Company

Donuts / / / Everyone's still going a bit nuts for donuts - what's not to love? They're old school and moreish and colourfully sticky and sprinkled! Expect lots more creative donut displays and walls to be posted up this year. TOP TIP: Can't find the right donut display for you? Try DIYing your own donut wall like this bride.

Rose gold textured wedding cake via Loveweddingcakes

Metallic touches / / / Let's agree that we've all had enough of the rose gold by now, but gold itself is always ready for a close-up - gold drip cakes, gold leaf detail, gold painted cake decoration . . . you name it, and there will be a cake design out there to help you get your sparkle on for your Big Day! TOP TIP: Combine the metallic trend with another trend for maximum impact, like the gold and textured cake layer above.

Textured cakes / / / We've all seen the brushstroke cakes, the chocolate sails, the rustic buttercream icing cakes and the crazy beautiful cake finishes that Pinterest loves. Now it's easier to find them for your wedding in the UK thanks to some super inspiring homegrown cake artists (including us!). TOP TIP: Don't expect super smooth sugarpaste with these wedding cakes. What makes them so perfect is their imperfection! Their beauty comes from the natural flaws in details like marble and stone that can be found all around us.

Edible Flower Wedding Cake via blushingcook

Eco-consciousness / / / This is a major x factor in making Big Day decisions for 2019.

Are the flower arrangements organic and foam-free? Is my wedding dress made ethically? Will the wedding cake be made with locally sourced ingredients? Can I include edible flowers? The options for hosting an eco-conscious and ethical wedding are getting better all the time. TOP TIP: You may not want your wedding to include the organic soy votive candles or the disposable bamboo plates but eco-friendly doesn't have to mean CRAZY expensive.

Black Wedding Cake via cake_envy_ga

Black and Galactic / / / Stars Wars and superhero fans rejoice: space themes are still strong in this one. If you want a wedding cake to stand out from the crowd, this is your year to celebrate with the dark side. TOP TIP: Black wedding cakes can look just as wow as the traditional white cake. The dark icing provides the perfect backdrop for creative cake makers to add eye-catching accents like flowers, gold details, and geometric shapes and patterns.

Of course, the trends are only as important as what YOU'RE looking for on your Big Day! The most important thing is to DO YOU, and embrace your own style of making it merry and memorable for all the best wedding day feels! How are you planning to spark joy on the day of your wedding? And what are your must-haves when it comes to the wedding cake?

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