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For your Big Day, Sweet Everythings can bring your sweetest dream to life with a fabulous wedding dessert table customised with delicious treats from our signature ranges including cupcakes, mini dessert pots, macarons and patisserie. Our gorgeous Dessert Tables are a beautiful blend of sweet art and style that sets your Big Day apart. Choose your theme and we can design your dessert table to match! A Dessert Table is the perfect way to showcase your individual style and make your wedding Day the most memorable for you and your guests.

Wedding Dessert Tables & Your Venue

Our Dessert Tables are a striking way to glam up a traditional banquet hall. But we've created Dessert Tables for all kinds of venues from vintage barns to ancient castles to old ships and modern hotels. A beautiful display of delicious desserts can serve as a focal point at the reception and give your reception the wow factor you're looking for. 

Celebrating Your Wedding Theme

We love to design an exquisite dessert table around your wedding theme to create a more striking effect. Our signature desserts can be personalised to fit your theme to create a beautiful dessert table for everyone to admire and enjoy.

Displaying Your Dessert Table

You can display your desserts as you wish or you can have our expert help right through to your wedding. We admit it – we are bit obsessed with detail. Each Dessert Table from Sweet Everythings is colour-coordinated, labelled and displayed with a meticulous eye for detail so that the proportions of our desserts matches each other as closely as possible. We are constantly mastering new display techniques for our dessert tables and are always keen to share the most visually stunning practices with you. We've learned what works best from our years of experience ​and which display techniques are both practical and a visual delight for you and your guests!

Wedding Dessert Tables & Your Wedding Cake

Can a dessert table be used as an alternative for a wedding cake? Of course! Most couples use the dessert table to create a showstopping moment during their reception - when and where is completely up to you. You can have the best of both worlds by matching your wedding cake with a Dessert Table in a complimentary theme, or simply having the Dessert Table on its own at the reception for guests. If you are looking to replace your cake with a wedding dessert table, we do recommend including between one to three of our smaller cakes and incorporating them into the dessert table.

"Oh my goodness, where do I begin. Firstly I don't know however to thank you. Your service, product and concept is exceptional. You made 'arranging our wedding' so easy - your professionalism is on a whole new level. Now onto to cakes . . . stop the press! These were like bites of heaven. The vegan selection was so tasty (and all my vegan friends were so impressed they were catered for; they normally get forgotten). As brides normally don't eat due to being busy, I was no exception. However when the dessert table opened I was the first there and made sure I ate 3 - everything was unbelievable. Thank you again, you are a superstar!"

Kerry Cullen McQueen



Here are some examples of the individual items that we can make to fill your Dessert Table. Our desserts and treats are also perfect for wedding favours and gifts, and are available in an array of delicious flavours.

cupcake sample website 1.jpg


multiple flavours available

eclairs sample website 1.jpg


canolli sample website 1.jpg


cake pops sample website 1.jpg


multiple flavours available

brownies sample website 3.jpg



multiple flavours available

traybakes sample website 2.jpg


mini cheesecake sample website 1.jpg



multiple flavours available


multiple flavours available



multiple flavours available

strawberry tart sample website 1.jpg


multiple flavours available

multiple flavours available

multiple flavours available

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