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Our gorgeous Dessert Tables are a beautiful blend of sweet art and style that is both unexpected and deliciously different. Whether you're a foodie fashionista, a stylish couple wanting to wow your wedding guests, or a business leader looking to impress a corporate client, the pure delight of your favourite cakes and our signature treats are presented in a unique dessert setting with breath-taking attention to detail and flawless creativity.


Every Dessert Table is a mouth-watering display of delicious desserts that will set apart your event as not-to-be-missed! A beautiful dessert setting is so much more than just cupcakes on pretty platters or sweeties in jars. A Dessert Table showcases your personality and creates a showstopping statements.

We know that planning an event takes a lot of time and energy, so we’ve already thought of everything: our Dessert Tables are all-inclusive right down to delivery, set up and tidying it all away again after your event. We deliver throughout Glasgow, to Edinburgh and southern Scotland to Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire and as far as St. Andrews .

All of our Dessert Tables include the following:

  • Mini Desserts from our menu

  • Custom designed tablescape display encompassing your theme, colours and details

  • Table linens (custom linens are available for an additional charge)

  • The hire of servingware: cake stands, serving platters, trays and prop inventory from our one-of-a-kind collections

  • Dessert labels/tags for each type of dessert

  • Table set-up, breakdown and styling 

What’s Extra:

  • Delivery, setup and clearing items away

  • Additional dessert/sweets requests or special orders

  • A  breakage deposit of £100, refundable after the event if all items are returned safely (very rare, but just in case!).

  • Scoops & treat bags to serve sweets

  • Customised signage/tags


A Dessert Table is the perfect way to showcase your individual style and make your event one of the most memorable for you and your guests.


  • Desserts will be displayed in one of our themed styles on a mix of glass, clear acrylic and white stands. We carefully arrange the Table with the higher displays in the back and the lower tiers in the front so that guests can serve themselves easily.

  • There is no hire charge for all the serving cake stands and dishes and tablecloth. There is a breakage deposit of £100, refundable after the event if all items are returned safely (very rare, but just in case!). Please note we don’t supply the actual table for the desserts (your venue will usually supply a standard 6 foot table), or supply serving plates or cutlery. We do serve the dessert pots in disposable clear shot glasses with disposable mini spoons.

  • All of our desserts are handmade but each portion made to look as similar as we possibly can to create a clean, chic look on your Table. They are designed to be mess-free for guests to eat by hand as they mingle and enjoy your wedding.

  • We usually arrive well before the wedding reception to set up on the day of your wedding or the start of your event and return afterwards to clear it away.

"Such an amazing dessert buffet was created for our wedding day! Each and every item tasted amazing and really was delicious! The table was displayed beautifully and Hosanna was amazing at all communication from start to finish!"

Charlotte Marshall,

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